Digitally Rare

The Last Non-Crypto Designer In The World

August 20, 2018

This week on the show we have designer and all around internet guy, Ben Pieratt.

I (this is Jonathan writing) was excited to have Ben on the show because he's the first non-crypto tech friend that I've seen in my feed getting excited about NFTs. Ben is the co-founder of Svpply and was creative director of Electric Objects and has made all kinds of insanely interesting internet projects. He's currently working on a startup in the Crypto Art space, but it's super hush hush, so shhhhh. We  talk about his journey into the heart of crypto, specifically, we talk all AROUND his stealth start up.

And we talk about Ben's dream of using the form of a startup as an art project, and his early attempt at this with Dead Bookstore.

And we talk a bit about the MLB collectibles debacle, and get into the weeds on the Axiom/Dapper Labs NIFTY trademark dispute.

It's a good one folks!